Affirming Therapy in Long Beach

What To Expect from Therapy

My approach to therapy is humanistic, gender-affirming, and incorporates elements of cognitive and narrative therapy to challenge ways of thinking and internalized messages which negatively impact our views of ourselves, others, and our world.

In the therapy office, I typically assume a role that is collaborative, active, and engaged, with room for the client to lead the session. This is because I believe that therapy centers on you. In our hour together, you have the power to decide where the session goes.

Finally, I strive to serve people of all ethnic, racial, and class backgrounds with sensitivity and humility. When I am sitting across the room (or computer screen) from my clients, I always try my best to account for and be aware of my own biases, including my status as an abled, white woman. My populations of interest are queer, trans, and nonbinary individuals and their partners as they navigate identity, transition, relational issues, self-esteem, and beyond.


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We may work well together if you are:

  • A queer or trans person looking for support exploring identity or processing stress, trauma, or life changes.
  • A transgender person, partner of a transgender person, or couple navigating the transition process.
  • A queer or trans couple experiencing relational issues.

Learn more about therapy with me and my services:

  • Couples Therapy

    Going to therapy with your partner(s) can be daunting. Sometimes, people have the idea that couples therapy is a last resort – a death knell of a dying relationship or sign of failure.

    Having anxiety about seeking help in your relationship is normal – but don't let those fears deter you from finding support when you need it!

  • Gender Therapy

    Questioning your gender identity can be a confusing, whirlwind of uncovered emotions or feelings some describe as opening Pandora's box, or it can be a smoldering feeling that's been with you for as long as you can remember, or even both.

    In therapy, I aim to support your exploration of these feelings and provide you with the tools to be the person you need to be.

  • Self Esteem Therapy

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